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September 25, 2019

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The CWBA Serves Our Community 


  • Angel Concept
    Angel Concept provides struggling, disadvantaged women with work-skills training in a retail environment — enabling them to build their capabilities and self-esteem, and preparing them to become successful employees in the retail world. These women may be victims of abuse, domestic violence, or substance dependency. They may be unwed mothers or homeless. They may lack basic job skills. Angel Concept believes that with opportunity and education, many of these women can draw upon their inner strengths, build their self-esteem and transform their lives. Angel Concept believes that they have the capacity to become self-sufficient, productive members of society. Angel Concept was created to help these women break free and launch a virtuous cycle of self reliance and self-improvement. Angel Concept was conceived by Sue Hosier who — after finding herself in a destructive domestic situation — transformed her own life by creating a successful 25-year nursing career and a nurturing home for her children. Through Angel Concept, Sue is helping other women find their own paths to self-sufficiency. Angel Concept is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

  • The Blue Bench
    At The Blue Bench, our mission is to eliminate sexual assault and diminish the impact it has on individuals, their loved ones and our community through comprehensive issue advocacy, prevention and care.

  • Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center
    For more than three decades, the Children’s Law Center has fought for the best interests of kids both in and out of the courtroom to help them achieve a higher quality of life. The Children’s Law Center has a longstanding reputation at the Colorado State Capitol as a thought leader on kid’s issues, and it has been at the forefront of influencing non-partisan legislation for the best interests of kids at the local, state, and national level.
    Contact: 303.692.1165 

  • Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network
    Provides free immigration legal services to immigrant children and to adults in immigration detention.

  • Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center
    Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center is a Colorado nonprofit organization
    providing free legal assistance to victims of violent crime to help enforce their rights under the Victims’ Rights Act.

  • Second Wind Fund
    Second Wind Fund is a statewide suicide prevention non-profit organization that offers referrals for treatment services to at-risk children and youth as well as providing general information about suicide prevention. Second Wind Fund was formed in 2002 after four students at Green Mountain High School died from suicide within a 9-month period. Second Wind Fund has built an innovative program to match children and youth ages 19 and younger across Colorado, who are at risk of suicide, with a licensed therapist in their local community. Help raise funds for therapy sessions. Our findings show that therapy sessions provided by experienced providers (at approximately $70/session) are most effective in preventing suicide. I invite participants to attend events such as the annual golf tournament, a breakfast with local legislators, and the walk/run to raise funds.

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