Application & Selection Process

Each year between August 1 and October 15, the CWBA President-Elect selects a Nominating Committee whose responsibility it is to select the slate of Board members. Applications are accepted electronically starting November 1 and are due by December 1. Board members serve for one year, starting at the Annual Convention typically held in May. 

This year's Nominating Committee will be coordinated by CWBA President-Elect Kathryn Starnella. Nominating Committee members for the 2022-2023 CWBA Board of Directors have not yet been selected.

Board elections will take place at the 45th Annual Convention on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, and Board terms officially begin immediately upon election.


We encourage diverse candidates to apply. 
Please see the CWBA’s statement on 
Diversity & Inclusion

If you missed our "Storming The Board: Paths To Leadership" Board Information Session held November 17, 2020 with CWBA President Miranda K. Hawkins, President-Elect Gina L. Glockner and Judge Mariana Vielma, you may watch the video recording here.

How does one become part of the CWBA’s Board of Directors? 

The Nominating Committee evaluates the applications received to determine interest in the various available positions and evaluates the qualifications of each candidate. At its discretion, the Nominating Committee may conduct interviews, either by phone/online or in person, with interested candidates. Several Board positions are appointed by partner organizations, and candidates may wish to approach those groups to indicate interest in being appointed.  

What is the Nominating Committee?

Pursuant to the current CWBA Bylaws, "at least three months prior to the Convention, the Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of at least three (3) active members." The role of the Nominating Committee is to review the qualifications of individuals who are interested in serving on the Board in an official capacity, as well as conduct interviews for some positions. Anyone who is a current active member is eligible to apply for a Board position. The Nominating Committee presents a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors at least one month prior to the annual meeting." (An active member is an individual who has paid her or his dues for the current fiscal year.)

The following additional guidelines help form the Nominating Committee: (1) the Immediate Past President or other current officers have been allowed to serve on the Nominating Committee if those persons will not serve on the Board the following year;(2) at least one of the voting members of the Nominating Committee should have expertise in diversity and inclusion, which may be evidenced by involvement with the CWBA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee or past leadership experience with another Diversity Bar Association; and (3) at least one of the members of the Nominating Committee should have previously served on the CWBA Executive Committee.

What is required for CWBA Board service?

You, or the person you nominate, must be willing to attend monthly Board meetings, lead monthly committee meetings if applicable, and attend various events in support of the organization, the broader legal community, and fellow Board members throughout the year.  As with any Board, there is a time and financial commitment required. Our attendance policy allows for no more than three missed meetings. Please reach out to any current Board member or to our Executive Director Kim Sporrer with specific questions. 

What Board positions does the Nominating Committee appoint? 

  • Convention Committee Co-Chair
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Co-Chair
  • History Committee Co-Chair
  • Judicial Committee Co-Chair
  • Legal Services Committee Co-Chair
  • Membership Committee Co-Chair
  • Mentorship Committee Co-Chair
  • Professional Advancement Committee Co-Chair
  • Programs Committee Co-Chair
  • Publications Committee Co-Chair
  • Public Policy Committee Co-Chair
  • CBA Board of Governors Representative
  • President-Elect* (The Nominating Committee will interview candidates who are nominated or indicate interest in the President-Elect position on an Application.)
  • Vice President*
  • Secretary* 
  • Inclusion Officer*
* Denotes Executive Committee positions

What Board positions are appointed by someone other than the Nominating Committee?

  • At-Large Representatives (appointed by CWBA President)
  • Asian-Pacific American Bar Association of Colorado Representative
  • Colorado Hispanic Bar Association Representative
  • Colorado LGBT Bar Association Representative
  • Sam Cary Bar Association Representative
  • South Asian Bar Association of Colorado Representative
  • Center for Legal Inclusiveness Representative
  • Chapter Representative (Boulder, El Paso, Larimer, Mountain, Pueblo, Southwest, Weld)
  • Law Schools' Liaisons (CU and DU Student Organizations)


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