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"Membership in the CWBA is a statement in support of our women colleagues and helps to keep abreast with issues that affect women, particularly the variety of ways that women practice law."   - Jean Dubofsky, former Colorado Supreme Court Justice

"I owe many things to the CWBA: opportunities for leadership, marvelous friends, a pair of used tap shoes, and a couple of major hangovers."   - Marla Williams, President and CEO, Community First Foundation; former Executive Director of The Women's Foundation of Colorado; CWBA President, 1991 - 1992

"The CWBA provides camaraderie, synergy and the sharing of ideas and concern. It also serves as a megaphone through which women's voices can be better heard on issues of importance."   - Rebecca Love Kourlis, former Colorado Supreme Court Justice


  • CWBA members are trailblazers who inspire change, appreciate differences and foster a great community.
  • CWBA is the only bar association in Colorado dedicated solely to advancing women AS LEADERS IN THE LAW.
  • CWBA is an ACTIVE organization that provides networking events, professional education opportunities, and community-focused projects for women lawyers with all levels of experience.
  • CWBA is an ISSUES-DRIVEN organization, advocating for and lobbying on behalf of all women in Colorado.
  • CWBA is RESPECTED nationally for its programs and community focus.
  • CWBA is MEMBER-FOCUSED, providing a forum for idea exchange, relationship building and informal mentoring.
  • CWBA is ACTIVELY engaged in decisions to appoint Colorado judges.
  • CWBA is a WELCOMING organization that many members describe as the “best part of being a lawyer.”

    • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs, at a discount to members, focusing on developing legal skills and topics of special interest to women practitioners.
    • The opportunity to work toward the CWBA's goals by joining one of our committees or develop leadership skills by becoming a CWBA Board member.
    • Courtroom training through participation in the CWBA's Permanent Protection Order Project.
    • Access to The Advocate, the CWBA's quarterly newsletter, which keeps members informed of matters of interest at the state and national levels, and provides members with opportunities for publication.
    • The CWBA hosts events which provide education, networking and social opportunities for its members.
    • Access to the CWBA Listserv, a vibrant forum exclusive to CWBA members for the exchange of information, ideas, and referrals.


The CWBA operates primarily through its committees, offering participation in a variety of areas of interest. Read More >

Colorado Women's Bar Association • P.O. Box 1918 • Denver, CO 80201
Telephone (303) 831-1040 • Email: execdir@cwba.org

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