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A Project of the CWBA Legal Services Committee - Ukraine Subcommittee

The Immigration Video Bytes is an initiative of the Colorado Women’s Bar Association Legal Services Committee's Ukraine Subcommittee intended to help alleviate a situation of confusion, misinformation, and uncertainty regarding the immigration processes available for Ukrainians wanting to come to the United States and those wishing to remain in the country.

For answers to any questions or for immigration law attorneys interested in getting involved, please email

Read the blog post "Ukraine: Half A World Away & Close To Our Hearts" by Marianna Kosharovsky and Yev Muchnik. 


Topic:  What is the difference between pursuing entry to the US as a refugee and as an asylum-seeker? 

Click here to watch the video.

Presenter: Karen A. McCarthy, Esq
Elevation Law LLC

Topic:  Should I follow or trust the advice of other community members on social media advising on the best ways to get into the US?

Click here to watch the video.

Presenter: Karen A. McCarthy, Esq
Elevation Law LLC


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