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The CWBA often identifies resources we want to share with our members to help you personally and professionally. We share the following items that may be of interest to you.  If you have suggestions for articles or other resources to be added here, please email us at


Colorado Doula Project

Colorado Doula Project (CDP) is an all volunteer, woman of color led and run organization that provides practical support (i..e, everything but the abortion) to those seeking abortion care in Colorado. This includes rides to and from the airport, hotels, and one's appointment, provision of food and clothing for those who travel to Colorado for care, as well as child care services. CDP also provides emotional and spiritual support with trained abortion doulas.

CDP needs money and volunteers, though they are currently working through a huge backlog of volunteer applications!

Cobalt Advocates

Cobalt Advocates was formerly known as NARAL Pro Choice Colorado. Cobalt is Colorado's leading abortion fund and abortion advocacy organization. Its 501c3 arm and abortion fund provide monetary support to anyone seeking an abortion in Colorado, regardless of need. Its 501c4 arm does heavy hitting advocacy work, including legislative efforts like RHEA (Reproductive Health Equity Act) and the effort to oppose Proposition 115 in 2020. Cobalt and COLOR (more on COLOR below) are leading the charge on the 2024 ballot initiatives that will further protect the right to choose AND to access an abortion in Colorado by enshrining RHEA into our state constitution, and by repealing the public funding ban.

Cobalt ALWAYS needs money and volunteers, especially as a ballot initiative AGAINST abortion will make it onto the ballot this year. Cobalt needs phone bankers and door knockers to spread the word to voters to vote NO on this proposition. Cobalt will also need volunteers for the 2024 ballot initiative efforts.

Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR)

COLOR is a woman-of-color led and run, community-based organization that is dedicated to advocating for and expanding opportunity and reproductive rights for Colorado's Latina community. Along with Cobalt, COLOR led the charge on RHEA and will join Cobalt's efforts for the 2024 ballot initiatives.

Like Cobalt, COLOR can always use money and volunteers!

Elephant Circle

We often forget birth justice organizations in the wake of threatened abortion rights, but birth justice = reproductive justice! Elephant Circle (EC) is an amazing intersectional group (queer and person of color led!) that fights for birth equity on several levels. Last summer, EC single-handedly got several important pieces of birth justice legislation passed through Colorado's General Assembly, including a bill that makes it illegal for prisons and jails to shackle pregnant people during birth.

Soul2Soul Sisters

Soul2Soul Sisters is an all Black-woman and femme-led community organization oriented around providing help and healing towards Black women in Colorado. Their work includes reproductive rights work to protect pregnant Black women, including efforts (with Elephant Circle) to ensure that birth doula care is covered by Medicaid. If you didn't know, Black women are significantly more likely to die in childbirth than their white counterparts. Studies have shown that doula care significantly reduces this risk for Black women!

Boulder Valley Women's Health Center

This organization was founded in 1973 as the first independent abortion clinic in Colorado, and they accept donations to help people access the healthcare they need and deserve.

If/When/How's Legal Defense Fund

If/When/How is a national organization of attorneys dedicated to reproductive rights, health, and justice advocacy, particularly abortion. They have created a legal defense fund to aid providers who are sued for administering abortions, advocates who get sued for aiding and abetting abortion, as well as pregnant individuals who are sued or jailed for seeking (or receiving) an abortion. They are a national organization, but one that definitely needs help and funding as we approach the fall of Roe v. Wade and a patchwork of criminalization of abortion access across the U.S.



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