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Goals and Objectives 2018 – 2020


The CWBA is a champion of diversity and meaningful inclusion.

  •          OBJ 1: We have a diversity and inclusion objective in every goal for the organization
  •          OBJ 2: At least 1 training each year for board and membership in topic related to diversity and inclusion (ALSO Program)


The CWBA is a leader in formulating and advancing public policies consistent with its mission.

  • OBJ 1: Create an internal subcommittee structure & communication policy between subcommittees, co-chairs, lobbyists and Executive Committee to enable faster responses on public policy issues.
    • Specifics on how to use technology tools to enable faster responses to lobbyists needs by relevant subcommittee members during the session and a way to check in with lobbyists at least annually about their feedback. 
  • OBJ 2: Hold a pre-session training for committee members covering the internal policy as well as our substantive policy goals and basics on how the legislature functions. By November 2018, repeat annually. (Be sure policy goals align with information from strategic analysis.)
  • OBJ 3: Develop communication plan to continually share important information with board and members about our public policy goals, processes, and outcomes. Ongoing starting in November 2018.
    • Develop more thoughtful/intentional messaging. 
  • OBJ 4: Hold at least one annual program in partnership with other committees that relates to public policy. (ALSO program)
  • OBJ 5: Designate an executive committee (EC) member/position to permanently liaise with Public Policy committee to help ensure Board and EC know what lobbyists and committee are doing and why.  By July.
  • OBJ 6: In alignment with our Mission statement, consciously reference the need to support priority areas for our sister diversity bars when deliberating about positions to take in the Legislature. By November.
    • Meet annually with public policy leaders from all diversity bars to identify those areas.  
  • OBJ 7: Meet annually during the off-session months to identify possible areas where the CWBA could take leadership (including drafting or proposing a brand new bill) in the coming year and assign committee members to help with that groundwork. By July annually. 


The CWBA grows and engages its membership statewide by adding value for, and diversity among, its members.

  • OBJ 1: Increase the diversity of membership (geographic, race/ ethnicity, LGBTQ, practice area) by 10% above the current levels each fiscal year
  • OBJ 2: Create a structure to welcome and engage new members that increases new member satisfaction (create annually)
  • OBJ 3: Maintain members by increasing retention rate to 85% by 2020
  • OBJ 4: Conduct a member survey to gather input and feedback every 3 years


The CWBA consistently provides innovative, accessible, and high quality programs that enrich all of its members.

  • OBJ 1: Provide a variety of programs to include social and professional/business development
    • Strategy idea:  number per month, % identified of type social or business/professional development
  • OBJ 2: Professional/business development will meet one or more diversity requirements
    • Strategy ideas:  geographical, race, gender, or sexual identity, practice types (gov't/NFP)
  • OBJ 3: Social programs will actively engage and include diverse attendees
    • Strategy ideas: reach out with personal invites, time, day of the week, locations
    • Hold events at other diversity bar locations and in conjunction with their events

Shared objectives from other areas – public policy, diversity and inclusion, leadership etc.


The CWBA develops and supports women leaders within the organization, the profession, and the community.

  • OBJ 1: Increase diversity within CWBA leadership by 5% each year through 2020
  • OBJ 2: Educate new members on path to leadership within the CWBA by creating membership 101 session (end of 2018)
    • Possible strategy – actively select and engage diverse members in committee leader roles to grow the pipeline
  • OBJ 3: Identify specific leadership opportunities/ resources for members through a web-based platform
  • OBJ 4: Identify leadership barriers that keep women from achieving leadership positions in the legal field (could develop into a program goal in future years)
  • OBJ 5: Create professional development opportunities related to leadership (ALSO program)


The CWBA strategically and responsibly manages its human capital and financial resources to accomplish its goals.

  • OBJ 1: Maximize, leverage and incorporate new technology within the next 6 months
  • OBJ 2: Audit 3 – 5 programs/ member benefits per year to evaluate return on human and financial investment for the next 3 years.
  • OBJ 3: Create a mechanism for cross-committee communications that saves time within the next FY.
  • OBJ 4: Track membership and events more closely to ensure diversity and inclusion goals are being achieved
  • OBJ 5: Analyze options for use of the surplus and allocation of resources to create a plan for deployment in the next FY (committee structure, human capital etc.).
  • OBJ 6: Gather data on membership discounts and pricing for analysis within a year.

Guiding information from the strategic analysis:

Top three reasons for participating:

  • Networking
  • Professional development
  • Camaraderie

Top three resources you need to be successful:

  • Mentoring
  • Leadership training/coaching
  • Networking for business development

Top 3 issues for women in the legal field:

  • Pay equity
  • Increasing women in leadership positions
  • Flexible work environment

Top issues for Women in Colorado in general:

  • Pay equity
  • Healthcare/protection of reproductive rights

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