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Pro Bono Pledge Program

No doubt about it. Doing pro bono work can be tough! That’s why the CWBA's Legal Services Committee is asking you to start small – because together, CWBA members can make a huge difference. All we are asking is for each member to pledge to do one hour of pro bono work per year. That’s it. But if each of us does just that teeny bit, the CWBA will unitedly give our communities more than 1,700 hours of pro bono work per year!

How Do I Fulfill My Pledge?

It's simple - any way you want to! There are three ways to fulfill your Pro Bono Pledge. You can share your time (60 teeny minutes), your money (donate the cost of one billable hour) or share your influence (for example, find a speaker for a CWBA program). Once you have completed your one hour, fill out the Pledge Completion Form and you are done. We are making this easy!

Below are links to just some of the amazing opportunities that exist to:



Family Tree is a community-based non-profit organization helping people overcome child abuse, domestic violence, and homelessness to become safe, strong, and self-reliant. It serves vulnerable populations throughout the entire Denver metro region, and have been doing so since 1976. 


ALIGHT: Alliance to Lead Impact in Global Human Trafficking

  • ALIGHT strives to create a world where survivors of human trafficking have meaningful justice and a path out of the violence and vulnerability that caused them to be trafficked, and sometimes re-trafficked. Trafficked individuals have suffered a grave injustice at the hands of their traffickers, who use child custody, criminal records, identity theft and other issues to keep their victims feeling intimidated and hopeless. Critical to survivors' ability to successfully transition and rebuild their lives is immediate help from legal professionals to fight for their rights. That is why we use innovative mobile technology (think: Uber or Lyft) to connect them to an army of pro bono lawyers - faster.
  • ALIGHT is looking for lawyers with family law, criminal law and civil law backgrounds to get involved. Expertise in domestic relations, civil harassment and defamation claims, disability rights and housing issues (as well as Spanish-speaking skills) are particularly in demand! To use your skills to make a difference for human trafficking survivors, please contact ALIGHT at pilot@alightnet.orgContact Marianna Kosharovsky, Executive Director  at 720-577-5840 or marianna@alightnet.org for more information on how you can get involved!
  • Contribute -- help survivors fight for their rights.


Check back to learn about upcoming CWBA pro bono services-related events.

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