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Dear CWBA Members,

I love to ask members what led them to join the CWBA. 

The answers are as varied as the programs and activities described on this website, but the common thread is that our members are looking for connection, mutual support, and the sense of meaning that comes from shared work to advance women in our profession and in society.  We like to say that we are a welcoming, active, member-focused and inclusive organization, and my hope this year is to make every one of those adjectives ring true.

As women in a traditionally male-dominated field (and in a legal system that treated
us as formally subordinate to men not so very long ago), we all encounter bias.  I am proud of our active work within the judiciary, the legislature, and the bar to address issues as varied as gender-based violence, pay inequity, lack of representation on the bench and in other positions of power, and insufficient access to justice for vulnerable women.  And I am proud that we are taking concrete steps to build on our shared understanding of gender bias and confront other forms of bias head-on within our own organization, so that we can live up to our value of inclusion and be a welcoming place for all women in our legal community. 

This organization exists to help you thrive, whether that means introducing you to a mentor, holding the event where you meet your future law partner, or doing our bit to break whatever glass ceiling is holding you back.  Beyond that, there is no personal or professional challenge your fellow members haven’t been through, and we hope this organization becomes a group of friends you can turn to whatever comes your way.
I never leave a CWBA meeting without marveling at the strength and brilliance of the people in the room---that’s all of you, and I’m so grateful to be in your midst.

Sarah Parady
2019 - 2020 CWBA President

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