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2024-25 President Carime Lee

                                                          Photo by Christy Sanchez Photography

Dear CWBA Family,

I am proud and honored to carry the gavel as the 47th President of the Colorado Women’s Bar Association. As I shared at our Annual Dinner and Passing of the Gavel Ceremony, my path to leading this organization is different than many Presidents that came before me. Yet there is a commonality that we all share. We all love this amazing organization, and we are called to lead it because our values align with the mission to advance women as leaders in the law and the rights of women generally.

The political and social climate of the last several years have left our communities divided and afraid. Our rights as women and the rights of marginalized communities have been under attack and slowly chipped away. Now more than ever we need the CWBA community to continue to fight for women, for the rights of all women and children, and for our values.

The CWBA theme for 2024-25 is Shine Your Truth. I can’t think of better way for women to advance our presence as leaders and our rights than to shine a light on the real stories of our lives.

Shining our collective truth means speaking out about experiences that have made the practice of law less manageable for women and more so for women of color.

Shining our truth means being vulnerable enough to share our fears so that we may empower and lift each other up.

Shining our truth means speaking up against injustice in our workplaces, in the court room and in the law.

Shining our truth means collectively educating our communities to the silent cries of women across our communities that perform the often-thankless work of being mothers, caretakers and community leaders.

When you Shine Your Truth, you bring light to a world filled with darkness. Join me in embodying our theme and Shine Your Truth. Let’s Shine so bright, they can’t ignore our Truth!

With love and gratitude,

Carime A. Lee



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