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September 25, 2019

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Through the work of its committees, the CWBA is committed to advancing women in the legal profession and promoting the welfare of all women.
By joining a CWBA committee and participating in this rewarding work, you will find leadership opportunities and a network for business development and camaraderie.

The following are brief descriptions of our Committees and contact information for Committee Co-Chairs.  If you are interested in learning more or are ready to become involved, please contact the Committee Co-Chairs. New members are welcome to join committees and attend meetings at any time of the year. Check our events calendar for upcoming meetings and get involved!


The Convention Committee plans the CWBA's Annual Convention. Committee duties include selecting the site for the Convention, negotiating the contract for the site and selecting a keynote speaker. The committee also plans the Convention theme, identifies and contacts speakers for Convention programs, solicits sponsors, and coordinates Convention entertainment. 

Bethany Gorlin (303) 744-4219 & Megan Garnett (720) 938-2475
Meetings typically held monthly on the second Monday of the month. 


In order to carry out CWBA’s core values of diversity and inclusion, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee works to foster a shared culture at the CWBA that promotes the goals of accepting, respecting and valuing differences that include attributes such as age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, sexual identity, ability, language, family and economic circumstances, geography, and cultural backgrounds.  Among other initiatives, the Committee works to ensure CWBA has cutting edge policies and procedures to help check blind spots and implicit biases, assists with recruiting and retention of diverse members, plans training for our Board and membership, and partners with other Committees and outside organizations to ensure we are inclusive in all aspects of our work.

Magistrate Melina Hernandez (720) 865-9415 & Ruchi Kapoor (303) 731-8770
Meetings held monthly -- time and date varies. Please check the calendar


This committee documents the history of Colorado's women lawyers, and maintains and updates the history files of the CWBA.

Elizabeth Meck (303) 335-1412
Meetings typically held monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month. 


The Judicial Committee assists qualified women on a statewide basis to apply for judicial positions and for openings on judicial nominating commissions, and seeks to prevent discrimination against women in the courtroom. It considers requests for endorsement from all nominees for state judicial openings, and provides information to the Governor on "short list" candidates. The committee also is responsible for planning the CWBA's Annual Judicial Reception.

Alison Connaughty (720) 508-6733 & Hetal Doshi (303) 454-0100
Regular meetings not held, however the need is ongoing (and large) for ongoing due diligence volunteers for judicial openings. 


The Legal Services Committee oversees projects to help members perform public service and pro bono work and to increase access to justice. Representative projects include a partnership with Colorado Legal Services and Project Safeguard which trains attorneys to represent victims Permanent Protection Order proceedings; a partnership with the Colorado Lawyers Committee and the Denver Bar Association to provide attorneys and Spanish interpreters at Legal Nights at Centro San Juan Diego; and participation in KUSA-TV Channel 9 "LawLine9" program. Finally, this committee hosts an annual fundraiser for a legal nonprofit.

Kate Russell (303) 866-9323 & Judge Adam J. Espinosa (720) 337- 0831
Meetings typically held monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month. 


The Membership Committee is the recruiting coordinator, welcome wagon, and social chair of the CWBA! The committee hosts four networking and social events throughout the year, including the annual Membership Appreciation event each Spring. The committee also works to promote greater awareness of the CWBA within the legal community and throughout the state to ensure that each new member feels welcome and empowered to get more involved in the organization.

Emma Garrison (303) 244-1878 & Courtney Wright (720) 355-6749
Meetings typically held monthly on the second Tuesday of the month. 


The Mentorship Committee manages CWBA Lift, our mentoring program. The committee also works with our law student liaisons to CU and DU Law to increase ties between women attorneys and law students and keep women in the organization through the transition from law school to practice; supports a series of discussion gatherings on gender bias in the law; and does outreach to seasoned attorney members including legacy leaders and recently retired members to involve them in mentoring.

Leila Hock (504) 669-5279 & Kelli Riley (970) 573-6442
Meetings typically held monthly on the first Tuesday of the month. 


The Professional Advancement Committee works to advance women in the legal profession, and to promote career advancement and recognition for CWBA members.
It informs women of and helps them obtain appointments to state and local boards and commissions; nominates CWBA members for various awards; and presents the CWBA's annual Mary Lathrop Award to a woman trailblazer who has substantially impacted the Colorado legal profession.

Jessie Pellant (720) 443-1443 & Hannah Proff (720) 371-5675
Meetings typically held monthly on the fourth Thursday of the month. 


The Programs Committee develops and facilitates educational, professional and community programs, to support substantive growth and learning, reflection, and connection among our members and the broader legal community. These programs include CLEs and other topical programs such as our award-winning “Storming” series ("Storming The Bench,” “Storming the Ballot,” and “Storming the Board”); the annual Moms’ Luncheon; and the annual Holiday Party and Nonprofit Benefit.

Hannah Westmont (303) 936-3300 & Almira Moronne (303) 892-9400
Meetings typically held monthly on the fourth Monday of the month. 


The Public Policy Committee works to promote and protect the interests of women and children. The committee monitors national, state and local legislation; case law; administrative and constitutional developments; and the print and broadcast media as they affect the legal profession and the judiciary and the interests of women and families. It coordinates with the CWBA's lobbyists; makes recommendations to the CWBA Board of Directors regarding whether the CWBA should support or oppose legislation; and organizes an advocacy network of CWBA members who contact legislators, write letters, testify before legislative committees, and draft legislation. The committee also coordinates the amicus activities of the CWBA.

Jennifer Carty (720) 508-6000 & Meagan Moodie (303) 317-3239
Meetings typically held monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 8 a.m. during June - December, and at Noon during the legislative session (January - May).


Through the CWBA's quarterly newsletter The Advocate, the CWBA's website, and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), the Publications Committee works to inform members of CWBA activities and projects, spur debate and member activity on issues of special concern to women lawyers and women generally, and recognize the achievements and contributions of women lawyers.

Veronique Van Gheem at (720) 625-5820 & Giugi Carminati (281) 826-9552
Meetings typically held monthly on the first Tuesday of the month. 

Colorado Women's Bar Association • P.O. Box 1918 • Denver, CO 80201
Telephone (303) 831-1040 • Email: execdir@cwba.org

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