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We're glad you are planning to join us for the 47th Annual CWBA Convention "Empower. Advocate. Thrive." being held May 17-19, 2024, at The Hythe Vail.    

The 2024 Convention promises to continue our tradition of offering exciting, informative, and energizing programming.  

Likeness Release

The Colorado Women’s Bar Association (“CWBA”) has hired a professional photographers and videographers to take pictures and video of its various events and Convention activities. It is our intent to use these photographs to promote the CWBA and its activities. The CWBA also has hired an event planning company to help manage the Convention production. By clicking "yes" on the link in the registration form, you grant to the CWBA and its partners the absolute and irrevocable right and permission to use your name, image, photograph, video, and likeness (the “Likeness”) in eblasts, brochures, newsletters, or other publications, and on the CWBA’s websites and social media pages (the “License”). The CWBA may use the Likeness for purposes of promotion, marketing, advertising, trade or illustration of the CWBA. These permissible uses apply anywhere in the world, including on the Internet, and include the right to use, publish, disseminate, and publicly display materials featuring the Likeness, or any material based upon or derived from the Likeness. You understand and agree that you may not be given a chance to inspect or approve any final product, and you hereby waive any such right. You release and discharge the CWBA from any and all claims whatsoever in connection with the use of the Likeness. You acknowledge that you have read this release and are familiar with its contents.

The CWBA strives to use only those photographs, videos, and screen captures that are professional in nature and that accurately reflect the values and ideals of the organization, and takes measures to exclude photographs, videos, and images, that an objectively reasonable person would find embarrassing, insulting or otherwise objectionable. In the event you believe that a photograph, image, or video is used in an objectionable manner, please promptly inform the CWBA, which will investigate the matter.

Thank you. 


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