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The CWBA is the largest diversity bar association in Colorado and is one of the biggest and most influential women’s bar associations in the country.  The CWBA even has its own lobbyist to promote the rights of women and children in Colorado.

The CWBA’s mission has remained the same since its inception in 1978: to promote women in the legal profession and the interests of women generally.  The vision of the CWBA's founders has resulted in decades of work promoting gender equality in the legal profession, preserving history, influencing legislation related to women and children, mentoring, granting scholarships for women law students through the CWBA Foundation,  fighting discrimination, influencing the selection of judges, and providing training and education. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion are core values for the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, and we strive to incorporate these values into all aspects of our work including advocacy, communications, workplace environment, vendor selection, hiring, promotion and retention. We appreciate and value ideas that come from a diverse legal environment and want to bring diversity of thought, experience and expertise to everything we do. We believe that an inclusive bar provides an atmosphere that allows all individuals to attain their greatest potential and achieve the greatest benefits for clients.  


We are an organization of women who inspire change, appreciate our differences, and foster a supportive community.

The CWBA is a welcoming organization that many members describe as the “best part of being a lawyer.”  We provide countless opportunities to meet with other members, network, and form mentoring relationships, and we hold unique programs for moms, seasoned attorneys, and new attorneys.

The CWBA is an active organization that provides networking events, professional education opportunities, and community-focused projects for lawyers and legal professionals with all levels of experience, and engages our members in advocacy to support our mission within the legal community and the legislature.  

The CWBA is a member focused organization that provides a forum to exchange ideas and learn together and aims to advance every one of our members in her career.

The CWBA strives to be an inclusive organization with a shared culture that promotes the goals of accepting, respecting and valuing differences that include attributes such as age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, sexual identity, ability, language, family and economic circumstances, geography, and cultural background.


The CWBA is a proud member and partner of the following organizations: 

National Conference of Women's Bar Associations

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame

Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce

Center for Legal Inclusiveness

Women's Lobby of Colorado 

The National Legal Aid and Defender Association 

Women's Collaborative for Colorado 

Colorado Women's Bar Association • P.O. Box 1918 • Denver, CO 80201
Telephone (303) 831-1040 • Email:

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